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Mark Cook - Warehouse Coordinator

Mark has been with the company since the beginning. With many years of warehouse coordination experience he has streamlined the importing, exporting and shipping departments. Mark's experience is greatly appreciated and is a huge part of our success with our government contracts. "When the government places an order it needs to be delivered before the call is completed" Mark would say with a serious face to the warehouse staff. Mark has a wife and three wonderful children who he displays proudly on family photos in his office. Mark is there to make sure your package is delivered within one hour of the purchase time. His average delivery time is under thirty minutes and is constantly asking the office staff to change our shipping time to 30 minutes instead of 1 hour. Mark and his warehouse staff thanks each and every customer for their business and will make sure their package is delivered asap and in perfect condition.

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Half Priced Ammo Staff

​We thank Lisa Collins, Kelly Cox, Eric Torres, Mark Powell, Becky Fisher, Tammy, Owens, Brian Ellis, Martin Ellis, Renata Castillo, Ana Hunt, Nicole Shaw, Gabrrela Gomez, Ryan Burns, Gary Tucker, Scott Woods to for all their hard work and dedication through out the years. We look forward to many more years of your enthusiasm and hard work. We strive to become the largest ammunition supplier and the fastest ammunition shipper in the US. Thank you for your support and hard work. 

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Zachary Williamson - Director of Trade and Sales Operations

In the summer of 2010 Zach landed two large government contracts to supply a large shipment of .223 ammunition, and from then on he has been the leader in private and government ammunition sales. His goal is to build trust and a lasting relationship with each and every customer. His one-hour shipping policy is a huge success because of his well-organized warehouse shipping department. 

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Half Priced Ammo Thank's You and Strives:

To be the best priced fastest shipping ammunition supplier in the US. We believe strongly in "word of mouth" and referral's so in our industry that is all that matters. So each and every sell must be our top priority. We offer one hour shipping on all ammo and each and every box or case of ammo is inspected by our quality control department to insure quality and quantity of the product. All of our ammo is "love at first shot" and is balanced for beginners and experts alike. We believe in selling quality bulk ammo at affordable price will keep the customers coming back for more. Powerful & smart Half Priced Ammo means business and is there for you 24/7. Thank you for your support Half Priced Ammo staff.