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 Case Information:  500 Rounds / 124 Grain / Copper Plated / Hollow Point


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 ​>  Armscor 9mm Rimfire Ammo

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​​$125 FOR 500 ROUNDS

     Case Information:

  • 500 Round Case​, (25) Boxes, ​JHP Ammo

$125            14,212 IN STOCK

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9mm 2,000 Round Case                             22LR 5000 Round Case                            9mm 1,000 Round Case

     Accuracy Rate:

  • 1,090 Feet Per Second, 98%, Jacketed Hollow Point

500 Rounds of 9mm Ammunition

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9mm Ammunition Product Information:

     Type of Cartridge:

  • Hollow Point​, Center Fire124 Grain

500 Rounds of 9mm bullets. Each case contains (25) 20 round boxes of 9mm bullets. Be ready this 9mm ammo is powerful, all purpose ammo used for self defense and target shooting. Easy loading with higher accuracy than most 9mm bullet brands. Each bullet has a consistent powder load increasing the spin of the bullet creating better accuracy and less velocity drop. We trust this ammo as the premier 9mm ammo.